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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 31/08/2021 in News

Industry Giant Positioned to Grow Gmarket’s Affiliate Program Kicking Off Concerted Expansion

Industry Giant Positioned to Grow Gmarket’s Affiliate Program Kicking Off Concerted Expansion

Seoul: Korea’s number one shopping site has been part of the evolution of e-commerce since its inception in 2000.  Originally a subsidiary of Interpark, eBay’s acquisition of the company in 2009 saw Gmarket firmly established as a benchmark presence in online marketplace, contributing to the revolution of the global market by connecting international merchants and consumers in a near-bottomless, never-ending flea market/auction style shopping experience. 

Today’s Gmarket continues to lead the vanguard at the forefront of digital marketplace, outpacing competition in a digital global economy that has never been stronger.

The Affiliate Program:  Currently about 10,000 members strong, Gmarket’s Affiliate Program represents forward thinkers who got in on the ground floor in an endeavor positioned to extrapolate potentially staggering growth. Through organic marketing, increasing traffic, ever-expanding product and exposure, and perpetual generation of sales, The Affiliate Program is a self-contained circuit of supply and demand that operate like a

How does it work?:  In a word – volume. 

Our online merchants pay Gmarket a commission to conduct business via the platform; in return, Gmarket directs shoppers to their sites and products. Gmarket then shares this revenue with members as “cash back” – a cycle of incentive that benefits all players.

Gmarket’s presence and standing also generate their own attraction.  Solidly established as a principal player on the field, Gmarket Affiliates enjoy the fundamental element of confidence already in place by a major competitor with a rock-solid track record. Hard-won over decades, the proven business acumen of Gmarket’s old school established reputation is already taking members to new levels the old-fashioned way – by having stood the test of time.  Affiliates are well-placed for success.

New Affiliates will stand with them on the shoulders of the giants.

Some Benefits of the Affiliate Program:

  • Affiliates expand. Online stores, product sales, and their place on the e-commerce playing field through exposure through our growing marketplace – all achieve the benefit and boost effect.


  • Build website traffic. Driving paying customers to your site is essential in the online sales process. Gmarket provides as a vital marketing tool supporting both consumers as well as merchants and vendors, helping each reach the other and supplying information, products, even competition. 


  • Solidify of brand awareness. The built-in size of the network is a natural boost for general website traffic, which in turn will spike search algorithms. Search engines will recognize the validity alongside the authentic popularity of your website. Your SEO and SERP rankings also get some TLC.

As membership increases, Gmarket’s Affiliate System continues its great expansion as well, building on the most fundamental level – again, one of volume.

Simple increase of manpower permits more work to be accomplished just by virtue of logistics. Tasks can be completed in greater numbers when there are more hands available to complete more of them.  This greater share of accomplishment results in higher sales volume on the part of our merchants, which results in greater product exposure, brand recognition, digital presence, and revenue. 

Bigger numbers and higher sales carry their own momentum, as well – it’s an established principle that items with higher sales numbers and a strong following will continue to sell well, and sell more; many consumers tend to have faith in the “hive mind,” and to trust the selections of the masses.  It’s as if the greater sales prove that quality control research has been completed by those who already made the purchase, and the success of the product in the marketplace already established, taking te guesswork out of the selection.  A kind of insurance of public opinion.

And Gmarket also provides something unique and valuable to today’s online shoppers: by offering a range of options and international selections to members – and Affiliates – Gmarket continues the progress of globalization of the online marketplace, providing cultural experience and reach.  In a world which gets smaller by the day, it’s to the benefit of every businesses to contribute to the development of an inclusive, truly borderless market.

At the Gmarketplace, members find it all, and then some. All of their everyday necessities are here, including the newest digital videos, movies, books, and music; clothing, groceries, school supplies, engagement rings, automobiles, and furniture. 

Along with the expected, there are perhaps more surprises than usual items, including rarities and collectibles, antiques, vintage and the outright bizarre.  Members come to our marketplace looking for appliances, artifacts, and miscellaneous novelties; many find unique treasures that might have been thrown out, if not for the existence of a market full of thousands of eager bidders… which just goes to show that if one provides a comprehensive enough marketplace, one can probably find someone willing to buy whatever’s for sale.

The Gmarket Affiliate Program is available now.  For more information, visit the website at www.gmarket77.com

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