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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 02/06/2022 in Business

Swimfun Australia’s Prescription Masks, Goggles Provide Clarity and Confidence

Prescription swim goggles and scuba masks have evolved significantly and Swimfun Australia has been on the forefront of new developments. Far more than simple magnifiers of the past, the prescription eyewear available at the company are crafted according to an individual’s specific prescription to aid those with myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia.

Swimfun Australia is currently offering its swimming goggles Melbourne and diving masks at discounts of up to 50 percent off. The pricing provides affordability to those that want to swim recreationally, participate in sports, or compete in professional water activities. All of the goggles and masks are priced the same for different lens power for the right and left eyes.

Prescription swim goggles and masks enable people to enjoy water-related activities in pools or the open ocean without worrying about infections, debris, saltwater and chlorine. Being able to see clearly ends squinting, engenders greater confidence, and has the potential to enhance performance in any aquatic environment. Models are available that filter ultraviolet light for greater clarity. Large and small frame swimming goggles are offered with clear and mirrored lenses.

A prescription scuba mask is offered for adults and teens at Swimfun Australia. Designed with PC lenses, they’re more durable, less likely to break and are equally effective for swimming, diving and snorkeling.  The silicone gasket and easy-to-adjust strap ensures comfort and fit. Some models are available with anti-fog lenses and they’re offered in stylish colors. Some are equipped to support a GoPro camera for shooting underwater video – camera not included.

It's important that individuals understand that there’s no single best scuba mask or goggles. Much will depend on the individual, their age and how they plan to use them. Swimfun Australia offers prescription options for anyone who wants to explore an underwater environment, participate in recreational activities, or test their skill in competitive water-based sports.

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We are a Sydney-based company focused on providing good quality prescription swimming goggles Australia and prescription diving masks Australia at affordable prices. Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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