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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 07/06/2022 in Business

Shopping for the best swimming goggles

Whether you are an expert swimmer or just learning or something in between, a great investment you can make is to get some swimming goggles. Just as you can enjoy better snorkelling when you have a prescription snorkel mask Australia recommends, so you better enjoy swimming with great goggles, with prescription lenses if you need them. You can protect your eyes, swim longer, have more fun and see around you and under the water. It is important to consider what goggles to buy though as there is a lot on the market. Here are some tips for types of goggles and lens types, but also think about what your specific needs are. 

Types of swimming goggles


They are durable and you can get two types, foam or silicon. They come in a range of sizes so adults and children can wear them. It is a good idea when choosing smaller sizes for smaller adult heads or children to choose oval-shaped goggles for a fit that is more comfortable.



If you are looking just for everyday use where the goggles are comfortable, affordable and are more suited to short periods of use, then recreational goggles are the best option for you. These are not for training in, but they are good enough for a couple of hours of water fun or so. Consider choosing something that has an anti-fog film so you do not have to keep clearing them out as you swim and play. 


Competition swimming goggles Melbourne are what professional and competitive swimmers use because they can be worn for long periods of time when training and competing. They often are more expensive because they come with additional features professional and competitive athletes are looking for. They are lightweight, closer to the eyes, more comfortable and more.

Lens types

Just as you have to think about lens types with a prescription snorkel mask Australia so too are there things to think about with swimming goggle lenses.

Clear Lenses

If you are going to be out in low light swimming you should choose clear lens goggles so that you have a more accurate vision.


They put a treatment on the surface of your lenses so that they are not going to fog or mist up. It gives you better visibility and clarity and it also means you are not having to stop and clear your goggles as often if at all. You can choose to apply anti-fog drops to your regular goggles, but getting this treatment means you do not have to keep doing that.

Polycarbonate lenses

Polycarbonate lenses are more versatile and they are also stronger. You can get them in all kinds of styles and types and you can also get them with UV protection and with anti-fog coating.


If you are looking for swimming goggles Melbourne that are scratch-resistant and lightweight then you might go for an optical grade. They are made from a higher grade of plastic similar to what you might find in prescription glasses. They are better for seeing underwater as they help prevent distortion.

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