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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 28/04/2022 in News

Shopping For Gardening Tools

If you are a keen gardener or you know someone who is then you are going to have to go shopping for gardening tools at some time for when you need something new or when you want to give them a meaningful gift. Something like a galvanised watering can, for example, is attractive and something they can use to water indoor plants or pots they have on their patio. Here are some pointers when you are buying so that you can make sure it is durable, of high quality, functional and does what you need it to.

Make a list of what you need

Assuming the gardener is you then the first thing to do is make a list of the tools you need. There are some great tools out there, but you do not need every one. Some tools can do more than one job. If you have a garden trug Australia gardeners recommend, perhaps you do not need a basket too. Things on your list include tools like a trowel, hoe, wheelbarrow, secateur, mower, cultivator, gardening gloves, watering can, rake, cutters and spade. Of course, what you have on your list depends on what you already use and what plants you use them on. The kind of tools you need for potted plants is not the same as what you might need for a vegetable patch, or for fruit trees.

Look at their description

When you start looking you need to pay attention to what they are made of. If you are buying in person you can look at it, feel it and check its label and ask the assistant. If you are shopping online for something like a galvanised watering can then you need to read the description very carefully and if there are missing details send questions or check what reviews have to say. Stainless steel tends to be desirable because it is durable and strong. It is also easier to keep clean. But these also tend to cost more. Sometimes handles are painted to hide a wood that is lower quality so check for these kinds of things. Think about buying hand saws, pruners and other bladed tools that have replaceable blades so you can do that rather than have to buy a new tool each time the blade is dull.

Consider whether you could use them

Also, think about whether you have any physical limitations to keep in mind. Arthritis in the hands changes the kind of tools you can use. Try to opt for things that do not place as much pressure on your joints. Use long-handled tools so you do not have to kneel down or bend over. Get pruners that use a ratcheting mechanism if you do not have a lot of strength.


Whether you are looking for the perfect garden trug Australia loves or any other kind of tool, with the above tips you can make a better choice and get on with what you love to do!


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