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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 25/01/2022 in Business

Rigger Contracting Provides Commercial Joinery Gisborne for Exacting Projects

Rigger Contracting is well-known for its highly specialised commercial joinery services. The company also has a team of professionals skilled in carpentry that works with residential and commercial clients. Fully licensed, the company provides in-house, end-to-end services that are streamlined to save clients time and money.

The terms joinery and carpentry are often used interchangeably, but there’s a difference. Joiners perform extremely precise cuts and notches in wood to make it fit together prior to finishing. Joiners work on projects encompassing cabinets, furnishings, shelving and custom staircases, along with window and door casings. There are 13 types of joinery that can be utilized and professional joiners are considered the artists of the building trade.

The company offers commercial joinery Gisborne in an extensive range of venues. The professionals at Rigger Contracting provide services for renovation of existing structures and new building projects. The company is a premier provider of joinery services for enterprises ranging from theaters, casinos, bars and broadcast facilities to entertainment venues, office complexes and warehouses. Rigger Contracting is a trusted source for heritage restoration.

The company is also a respected and highly sought commercial builder Gisborne with a reputation for creating custom solutions, delivering projects on time, and within budget. Rigger Contracting approaches every project with a set of values that’s committed to efficiency, quality work, meeting project specifications, and the versatility to deliver unique solutions for the needs of every client. The professionals collaborate with a wide variety of other professionals to achieve optimal results.

Rigger Contracting is able to provide services for a wide range of commercial endeavors. The company’s services and attention to detail has made it a preferred resource for joinery and carpentry needs. Rigger Contracting is also working to develop tomorrow’s talent through its apprenticeship program and received the Brian Fitzmaurice Award from the Master Builders Association for its training and skill development.


About Rigger Contracting

Previously known as G&S Joinery, we recently rebranded to Rigger Contracting. We’re a family-owned and operated company. Our business is unique because we’re an experienced carpentry and joinery commercial construction and domestic project specialist that is fully licensed as commercial and domestic builders. That means we can complete end-to-end projects, delivering a level of quality that others cannot. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.


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