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Natural Treatments for Back Pain Subiaco Addresses Current and Prior Injuries

Eventually, everyone will experience back pain and waiting to see if it will get better can only make it worse. Kinima Physio, owned by Rob O’Mahony, has multiple therapies specifically designed to alleviate pain, correct movement patterns, and improve functionality for current and prior injuries.

Individuals don’t have to be athletes to sustain a back injury. Something as simple as bending to pick up a paperclip can result in a painful back condition. A majority of back injuries are the result of a torn or pulled muscle or ligament. Problems can also stem from a slouched posture that misaligns the spine to kidney stones and inflammatory diseases. For women, osteoarthritis and endometriosis can be a source of back pain.

Physio Subiaco begins by pinpointing the exact location of the pain and dysfunction, along with any movement patterns that may be contributing to the problem. Treatment will include a specialized exercise program customized to the individual. That can include therapeutic Pilates for strengthening or an exercise rehabilitation plan delivered via a mobile app that can be performed at home.

Kinima Physio experts may prescribe dry needling, trigger point therapy or therapeutic massage to improve circulation to the affected area. Physio Mount Hawthorn may include spinal mobilisation and manipulation, depending on the specific location and cause of pain. The therapies are effective for pain management, facilitate flexibility, release muscle tension, relieve inflammation, and improves range of motion.

Physio Floreat also provides individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to keep the spine in good condition. That can mean some changes in habits or lifestyle to aid in preventing future injuries or strategies for movements and positioning to reduce pain. Taping is another treatment that may be employed as an effective means of easing pain and providing support while an injury heals.

Kinima Physio provides natural, evidence-based therapies to alleviate pain and improve movement. The professionals at the practice create custom treatment plans with therapies that can be utilized as stand-alone treatments or in combination. Therapies are effective for current injuries and those with residual effects, chronic conditions, and for rehabilitation. Every treatment plan is designed to help individuals recover quickly and resume their normal lifestyle.

About Kinima Physio

At Kinima Physio, we integrate clinical excellence with a unique client experience to create a local health movement that empowers as many people as possible. With 25 years of combined experience in the physiotherapy and health industries, including elite sports and orthopaedics, we offer the latest evidence-based treatment programs to instill clarity and understanding, restore function and confidence, and drive high performance. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.


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