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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 27/04/2022 in News

Making Home Improvements With Energy-Efficient Builders

If you have a home that is perhaps old or was just not well designed when it comes to energy efficiency, and you have issues with high heating bills and cold drafts, you might want to look into energy-efficient home improvements. This requires energy efficient home builders Melbourne or where your home is located. Having an energy-efficient home is not just a great thing for the planet it is also going to save you money in the long term. Yes, it is more expensive in the short term but you make that back in savings and then some. Blocking air leaks, proper insulation, better windows, these are all things that keep your home warmer when it is winter and cooler in the summer.

What makes home improvements energy-efficient?

When you have home improvements that energy-efficiency focussed this is about having a home that uses less energy to cool and heat, and is more comfortable to live in all year round. It is well sealed against leaks, insulated and by correcting certain problems a lot of money can be saved on energy bills. One of the ways to see where the problems are is by doing certain tests in the home. This helps identify weak points in terms of efficiency. How well is the home sealed, where is hot air getting out, what do the ductwork systems look like, what insulation is used and so on.

Here are some ways you might have the best energy efficient home builders improve your home;

  1. Insulated windows - Windows are so important when it comes to preventing how much heated or cooled air you lose. When you choose something like triple-pane windows that fit properly and are well insulated you can save yourself a lot of money. Windows can be the source of loss in a couple of ways, one, older windows have space and gaps around the frames and two, single glazing rather than double or triple.
  2. Air sealing - This is the process of looking for obvious drafts from holes and cracks and sealing them. A lot of basements and attics and crawl spaces have a significant loss of heat and sealing fixes that in a big way. Sealing prevents the loss of energy from that direction.
  3. Insulated doors - Firstly if you have any doors that are glass treat them as you do your windows and make sure they are insulated. You can also add weather stripping and draft proofing to doors. You might also have your energy efficient home builders Melbourne put in insulated outer doors to help lower the problems of heat loss.
  4. Insulation in the walls and roof - Having excellent insulation is key to an energy-efficient home. A lot of older homes are lacking in insulation and even modern homes meet minimum requirements rather than going that extra mile. Packing in those cavities with insulation is key to boosting the energy efficiency of any home.The best energy efficient home builders will take this very seriously.
  5. Duct sealing - Another area you need to have your builders check out is any duct work you might have in the home. Some people have reverse cycle air conditioning and heating in their homes that works be travelling through the ducts on the home. Making sure these are properly sealed is very important. In older homes those seals often wear down and need re-doing.
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