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Kinima Physio Running Assessments Improve Performance, Reduce Injuries

Runners are inundated with information on ways to perform better. While they may have adopted much of what they read, they still experience pain. In the interests of health, many individuals will begin running as part of a New Year’s fitness resolution. What many haven’t considered is the importance of a running assessment at Kinima Physio.

It’s natural to experience some soreness after a session, but when the pain doesn’t subside over time or gets worse, there could be an undiagnosed injury. If an injury hasn’t occurred, the problem may be the runner’s form and that’s where a running assessment provides valuable information.

Running and jogging are natural functions of the body. However, if individuals experience pain or discomfort, they automatically try to compensate by holding or moving their body differently. Over time, those postures can become a habit that causes further pain and dysfunction, both of which can be remedied with physio Subiaco.

Physio Wembley offers video running analysis that provides essential information about the way a runner moves. A running assessment provides data on the individual’s posture, muscle strength, range of motion, and the body’s response when it undergoes mechanical stress. Individuals will gain insight into their motor control, overall mobility, and how a previous injury may be contributing to any current problems.

Armed with the data from a comprehensive running assessment, physio Leederville assists with problems such as overstriding, excessive arm movement, improper posture and bouncing. Specific exercises can be prescribed that will alleviate movement issues for an increase in speed, endurance, efficiency, stamina and strengthening of the core and glutes.

Anyone can benefit from a running assessment, whether they’re just starting out or are experienced marathon runners. The assessment and methods available at Kinima Physio are designed to help runners achieve optimal, pain free performance. By addressing gait problems with an assessment, individuals will be less likely to experience an injury.

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