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Give Vaping a Second Chance

I know exactly how you feel, I was the same resistant person when it came to switching to vapes, having tried them when they were just called E cigarettes in the early 2000s. They made me cough so hard, they tasted bad and they didn’t satisfy at all, and at the time, I was a pretty heavy smoker. I remain skeptical of these things for the two decades after, until finally switching a couple years ago. And, the difference was night and day.


Modern vape juice is not made out of the same stuff used in older E solutions, being made of a Glycerin base, propylene glycol or both, USDA-approved flavorings and an alternative nicotine source. It’s a glycerin base and the flavoring that are major differences from the way they were initially designed. The chemicals used back these before that were not healthy, and not pleasant, but at the time, it was believed that this glycerin base wasn’t workable. Modern vape juice formulas are far simpler, far more effective and pleasant and anything tried in the early days.


So, what’s a glycerin base? This is a relatively inert organic compound, usually either vegetable oil, and is generally harmless to the human body. We have used these and other applications for nearly a century, and we know what it can and can’t do as far as medical ramifications or lack thereof. The alternative method of acquiring and supplying nicotine does been used in gums, patches and other quit assist programs for nearly 50 years, possibly longer, records are somewhat unclear. Finally, these flavorings are used in a host of other things, they are just a little stronger and not potable in the form used for these juices.


There is, making it much safer than cigarette smoking, given there aren’t carcinogenic compounds or ash from actual combustion present. This also means that there is no secondhand smoke, no mess, no odor and, of course, no risk of the various accidents involved with a listing being in your hand, an environment that is somewhat unpredictable. No one is going to accidentally set themselves, their home or a gas pump on fire with one of these, no one is going to accidentally blow up around the propane tank.


If you are skeptical about the nicotine, nicotine is actually that harmful the chemical aside from its decidedly addictive nature. It is very bad for growing bodies, is one of the many recent children should never get their hands on them, before an adult body? That nicotine will do any real harm.


It is worth noting that in most places the ban smoking in public spaces, the use of vape products is also a hand, are to be able to use these on a plane, a bus, train or in retail spaces. However, if you are ready to be healthier, give vapes a second chance. Visit the Super Vape Store today, for the widest variety in vape juice, with flavored she would’ve imagined possible.

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