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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 21/01/2022 in Business

Finding a Great Commercial Joiner

If you are looking at having some commercial joinery happen within your workplace then you need to find a professional and skilled commercial joinery Gisborne based business. You want to find people who have experience and know what they are doing since this work could be creating a certain impression for customers and clients walking in! The best commercial joiner will be able to show proof of high quality and detailed work with smooth edges and a proper finish.


Carpenters are not necessarily joiners

You might have to spend some time looking for an experienced joinery business. There are fewer businesses offering commercial joinery than there used to. You might think you can hire a carpenter and they offer the same skill but in fact, you can be a commercial carpenter and not offer joinery as well. Joinery is a skilled task that takes training, practice and experience. The effect they can bring to the workplace cannot be underestimated though and it is worth spending the time looking for the best.


Looking for a joiner for commercial properties

When you are looking to add something special to your business there are a few ways you can find a joiner. They include;


  1. Asking others in the business who they used - You likely have contacts in your industry, other restaurants, other hotels and so on. If you have observed some great joinery on their commercial properties you could ask them who they used to achieve it. They can recommend commercial joinery, Gisborne and also perhaps tell you who to avoid.    
  2. Looking online - One of the easiest places to look is online since you can just do some searches from any device at any time. Any local commercial joiner business should have a website where you can get some information, see some of their work and get in touch with them. A good website is a good sign.  
  3. Checking phone books - You can look through your local phone books to see if there are any joiners listed. Keep in mind that some businesses might be listed as builders but also offer great commercial joinery so if it is unclear just with their phone book listing, go online, or give them a call to see what else they offer.


Things to look out for

When you are hiring a joiner make sure you get a quote first and compare them. Also, make sure through looking at references and reviews that they follow property safety measures, are professional on-site and do the kind of work that suits your property. You do not want people who do not show up to the site with the right tools, are late and are disrespectful. Be sure to leave your own review when the work is complete so future businesses can see what your experience was when it is their turn to look for a joiner.


This article is penned on behalf of Rigger Contracting, formerly known as G&S Joinery. The company is a trusted and experienced commercial builder in Gisborne, Melbourne.

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