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Family divorce lawyer Perth

Loukas Law is excited to announce the introduction of its Family Law offices in Perth. The family law practice provides sensitive guidance as well as powerful legal representation to get the best possible outcome for clients, clients' children, and clients' finances.

Loukas Law is proud to provide experienced and skilled family lawyers and divorce lawyers in Perth during the most challenging times. Loukas Law understands that each family law situation is unique. Most people are unprepared to go through the divorce process on their own and will benefit from competent professional assistance at the appropriate moment. This was the motivation behind the creation of Loukas Law.

Loukas Law provides more than legal advice. Recognising that navigating a family law situation can be difficult, the staff at Loukas strives to build relationships to fully understand the client's circumstances, with the ultimate objective of reaching a satisfactory settlement for all parties involved. As a client's advocate and counsel, the team's experience, and vision to efficiently navigate the system will aid clients in making the right decisions at the appropriate time.

In addition to being family divorce lawyers in Perth, the attorneys at Loukas Law are experts in a variety of areas such as property and financial, child support, mediation, arbitration, litigation, collaboration, family violence, counselling, and estate administration and probate. The powerful legal team at Loukas is committed to ensuring that its clients come through their family law process in the best possible personal shape, allowing them to establish the brightest possible future.

About Loukas Law: Founded by Managing Director, Maria Loukas, Loukas Law is based in Cottesloe, Perth. The Perth family and divorce lawyers Perth on the Loukas team bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the table when assisting clients through the most challenging times in their lives. Loukas Law and Cottesloe Counselling frequently collaborate to support clients from all perspectives - legal, psychological, and, when appropriate, drawing in other specialty talents such as accountants, estate planners, and other professional advisors.

The staff at Loukas Law is, as they say, “With you at the most challenging times. Family Law that works for you.”

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