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Ensuring your bathroom renovations are stress-free

If you are considering bathroom renovations Perth WA whether you are planning on a full blown remodelling, or simply installing a free-standing bathtub and brand new shower, the best ploy is to choose an expert with experience in handling such work. There is more to renovations than simply deciding to change the orientation and location of your bathroom fixtures. Where your drainage and water supply plumbing systems are located in the bathroom itself is key to ensuring everything connects properly. Here are some great tips on making sure your renovations, however large or small they are, are stress-free!

Finding a reputable contractor 

When you have decided you want a change, then you need to first locate a contractor that is trustworthy and skilled at bathroom renovations. Ask your family and friends if they have used anyone they would recommend, check the local phone book, look in local papers and look online. Narrow down the list to contractors who know what they are doing and have good references. Talk to previous clients and from there you can ask for a free estimate. We recommend you obtain at least three quotes. Then make your choice for your renovations and/or free-standing hot water repairs perth.

Talk to your contractor in more detail

When you’ve shortlisted a contractor who is available at the right time, and has a good background, then you should talk to them in detail about the project. Get an estimation of how long the work will take, what kind of disruption you can expect and plan the design of the bathroom including picking out things like new fixtures, tiling, lighting, creature comforts and so on. Bathroom renovations Perth WA contractors can also provide you with suggestions and opinions. Your renovations contractor may even have lucrative supplier relationships, meaning they can get a good deal on certain brands, which is a very helpful way to save some money.

Make sure your renovations contractor use licensed electricians and plumbers

If the contractor is not the licensed plumber or electrician themselves, then you need to make sure your chosen contractor only uses qualified trade professionals. Often though they have a team of people that work for them and that should include trained and licensed people to work on those two systems. You want all work done to code so it passes any inspections, is safe, and lasts for many years. Bathroom and kitchen installations not done professionally, or remodelling that was not approved by the council, can negatively impact a future real estate transaction.


Renovation work can be quite overwhelming, even if you are only having some simple tiling work carried out and a bathtub installation performed, you should call in a professional company to help you. An experienced and reputable professional will take the stress out of the job, while ensuring all the work done is legal. Mistakes will cost you in the long run, as you’ll need to pay more to hire an expert to fix any shoddy work. Rather than spending your precious free time working on home renovations, you should pay an expert to handle it. A renovations contractor will get the work done to a higher standard, while enabling you the free time you deserve!



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