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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 15/06/2022 in News

Creative Concrete Coatings Restores Beauty, Functionality to Worn Concrete

Brisbane, QLD Australia – June 11, 2022 – Concrete is a building material that’s used around the world and Australia has been utilizing it since 1892. Today, it’s common for home and business foundations, garage floors, and public infrastructure. Creative Concrete Coatings is using modern technology to transition unsightly concrete into decorative flooring and preserving garage floors with specialized coatings.

Concrete grinding Brisbane can transform ordinary, unattractive concrete into flooring that rivals the look of high-end marble. Polished concrete requires little maintenance and is beneficial for individuals with allergies and respiratory conditions. Clients can choose from an array of color combinations and textures to customize their surface. Concrete grinding is also an effective way to remove old concrete paint or stenciling to update a look.

Garage floors receive more abuse than most people think and Creative Concrete Coatings has a variety of solutions to preserve garage floors and remove the many stains and unattractive marks that they can accrue. An array of colors is offered and garage floor coatings Brisbane are extremely easy to keep clean.

Any properly prepared concrete surface can be painted. It’s an easy and efficient way to seal concrete against moisture, stains and discolorations. Concrete painting isn’t limited to garage floors. It’s also effective for pool decks, patios, decorative elements in the environment, and poured basement walls.

Creative Concrete Coatings also specializes in epoxy flooring Brisbane. Epoxy is a resinous, clear coating applied to concrete that hardens into a high-gloss protective barrier. It’s an adhesive that bonds securely to concrete that’s resistant to chemicals. It’s a safer, less toxic, and less expensive alternative to polyurethane coatings that emits fumes. Offered in solid colors, patterns and finishes that can imitate stone, epoxy is applicable for new concrete pours and existing concrete.

No one has to live with dull, drab and unattractive concrete with the many modern options available at the Creative Concrete Coatings specialists. The experts provide no-obligation advice on their many services and how painting, epoxy and concrete grinding can be tailored to the needs and requirements of home and business owners.

About Creative Concrete Coatings

Creative Concrete Coatings specializes in concrete resurfacing and decorative concrete with hundreds of decorative design combinations from which to choose. The company offers services for residential and commercial customers, along with free no-obligation quotes. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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