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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 25/07/2022 in News

Conditions a Podiatrist can Treat

A podiatrist Northcote is a doctor that specializes in the treatment of ankle and foot problems.  You should never ignore pain or discomfort in your foot, toes, ankle, or lower legs.   There are three sections of your foot.

  • Forefoot—these are your toes
  • Hindfoot—this is the part that forms your heels and ankle
  • Midfoot—all the other bones in your foot, the middle part between your toes and ankle.

There are also ligaments, muscles, and bones on the surface of your foot to help you with balance and motion.  Your feet are what enable you to walk, run, and jump so any issues with them should not be ignored.  Below are some of the conditions that podiatry Northcote can help treat.

  • Disorders with your nails—this runs the gamut from ingrown toenails to fungus infections.
  • Arthritis—your feet have thirty-three bones in them and arthritis can affect any or all of them causing inflammation, wear and tear on your joints, and swelling.  A podiatrist Northcote can recommend physical therapy, medications, and special shoes or inserts to help manage this issue.
  • Growing pains—if you notice that your child’s feet are growing inward, look flat, or the toe does not line up right, you should see a podiatrist.  Depending on the problem, they can recommend braces, specific exercises, or insoles to correct the problem.
  • Bunions and hammertoes—both of these are bone problems.   A hammertoe is when your toe bends the wrong way.  A bunion is when the base of your big toe grows more significant or is knocked out of the joint.
  • Heel pain—this is generally caused by heel spurs due to the buildup of calcium on the bottom of the heel bone.  This can happen from being overweight, running, or wearing ill-fitting shoes.
  • Morton’s neuroma—this is a nerve issue that affects the fourth and third bones of your foot.   It is painful and may cause a burning sensation, or discomfort that feels like something in your shoe. This problem is often made worse by tight shoes or overpronation, which is when your foot rolls inward when you move. Visiting a podiatry Northcote office, the podiatrist can diagnose the problem and then give you inflammation shots to help reduce your pain.  They will then make a referral to an orthopedic to take care of it further.
  • Diabetes—this is a medical condition that can damage the nerves in your legs and feet along with not allowing proper circulation of the blood to your feet.  When you have diabetes you should see your podiatrist if you need your nails cut, especially if they are thick and hard to cut or for any corns or calluses.  They know how to take care of your feet to help prevent infections and other complications.


If you are experiencing any of these foot issues, you should make an appointment with your podiatrist for a diagnosis and treatment.  They are feet, ankle, and lower leg specialists and are trained to help you keep your feet healthy. 


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