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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 06/08/2022 in News

Being Able To See When You Swim Or Dive Is Important!

If you wear glasses or lenses whether for short-sightedness or being farsighted then you will likely have a problem when you go swimming. It is hard to see when you cannot wear your correction lenses and even in a pool but especially when swimming outside, there is a safety concern if you cannot see properly. Prescription swimming goggles have the same features as regular swim goggles but they mean you are looking out of lenses designed to meet your eyesight needs. You can get them in a variety of strengths and styles too. Whether you are a serious swimmer or enjoy being able to see your friends when you are splashing around, prescribed goggles are a great idea.

Older than you might think

Swimming goggles have been around for likely longer than you might think. Rather than being a modern development, they are known to have been used at least as far back as the 14th century in Persia where divers used ones made from tortoise shells. The modern version we know now was first developed in the 1960s and since then they are constantly being improved upon as advances happen.

Look stylish while being able to see more clearly

Not only can you see better when you swim, including underwater, but you can also look good in your goggles or prescription diving mask, Australia bought. You can get different colours, styles, shapes and sizes so you can get the best fit for your face and your needs while looking great. Some prescription lenses come ready-made, or if you need a strength that is not supplied you can get customised lenses. You can also consider tinting the lenses themselves, this is not just to create a look but has practical uses. Tinted lenses might help protect eyes from bright sunlight, help see better in indoor light, or if you choose clear, are better suited for the night and darker indoor pools.

Protect your eyes

Wearing masks and prescription swimming goggles have health benefits too. You can protect your eyes from the harsh chemicals that are in a lot of pools. You can protect them from microorganisms and bacteria too. Some people who wear contacts, wear them when swimming but there are risks with this. People are more at risk of eye infections, losing their lenses and so on.


When it comes to a prescription diving mask Australia recommends, or goggles even, you want something that fits your face well. You need a good seal, there should not be any looseness. Features that might also be useful to look into include things like anti-fog coating and UVA protection. You should also select one that is the best quality you can pay for and is durable. With a bit of research and preparation you can get the best goggles or masks you can manage and that means enjoying your experience a lot more. This is worth the investment.

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