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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 25/10/2021

Why Should You Pick Rose Gold Engagement Rings?

Why Should You Pick Rose Gold Engagement Rings?

Rose gold is a mix of pure gold with silver and sometimes copper. The carat number refers to the amount of gold in the blend - 24 carats would be 100 % while 18-carat gold would be 75% and 24-carat gold is 58.5%. This metal goes well with other diamonds and complements their beauty without snatching away the limelight. It also pairs well with other polished gemstones as well. Rose gold is feminine and subtle and mixes well with other types and colours. It became popular in the 1920s and is still trending which wouldn’t fade any time soon. Rose gold engagement rings are so popular that they have a separate fan base! However, if you are in Australia and are shopping for rings of any kind, take a look at the collection MY Diamonds, Australia

 Some of the main reasons why couples prefer to opt for rose gold engagement rings.

Rose gold provides a vintage feel clubbed with a modern touch: Rose gold is a metal that would look good on any ring style, the modern, traditional, or vintage style. Rose gold doesn’t look old-fashioned as some yellow gold styles do. It is a beautiful transition metal on rings that make use of multiple gold colours and trendy ones without being overdone. Rose gold diamond ring can be made from a simple single-stone traditional setting to something more intricate, the rose gold would show the details on the ring and would emphasise each of the small diamonds set around the stone in the centre while retaining the romantic and soft look of the ring.

It complements many skin tones and stone colours: This metal complements almost every skin tone. Platinum and white gold can wash out pale skin tones and yellow gold blends with similar skin undertones but the rose gold usually makes the skin tone look healthy and warm. A ring made of rose gold would be a great choice as it can showcase a diamond centre stone or a coloured gemstone. Some of the ideal centre stones that can be featured in a rose old setting would be alexandrite, emeralds, and champagne sapphires. However, it should be noted that due to the copper content, some people might be allergic to rose gold. Hence, make sure that your fiancé is not allergic to the metal before you opt for the ring.

Increased durability compared to yellow or white gold: Lexi Gold is copper ally and gold. It is more durable than yellow or white gold that becomes softer when the Karat is higher. However, it is not as strong as platinum; it can be a great affordable option with unique colouring and one that varies depending on the pure gold content in it. An 18K rose gold metal ring can be softer and less pink when compared to a 14K one that would have a richer shade of pink. A Higher Karat gold engagement ring can be more beautiful and luxurious than lower Karat gold. It would need more maintenance and care and are a little less wearable regularly, depending on the lifestyle.

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