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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 07/03/2022

Purchasing Scuba Masks

Purchasing Scuba Masks

When you want to dive and you are doing it as more than a one off on holiday you may want to invest in quality scuba gear, for yourself and even your children. You can get better fitting masks, kids prescription goggles and something that better suits your purposes. Just make sure you do not choose an inferior mask in order to save money. This is the time to buy something well made and designed.

Having the right mask makes all the difference to your dive

The right gear is not just about safety when you dive. Having good gear also vastly enhances the experience you have when you go down there. Having a mask that does not fit properly or that leaks or fogs up means you cannot see out of it very well and cannot enjoy the dive. All that money you spent on a diving holiday is wasted because you did not spend a bit more to ensure you got a great mask. To check if a mask fits well place it on but loosely and then as lean forwards breath in. This should create the suction required to have your mask stay in place. If there is slipping it is not a good fit. There is no point in spending good money on your scuba gear and then not also investing in the right mask.

Make sure you can see everything clearly

When you dive you have some magnification that happens but if you wear prescription glasses you might need to either wear contacts when you dive or buy a prescription dive mask Australia. As well as keeping your eyes safe so you can explore underwater you also can see with them. But if you are finding things are blurry because of poor eyesight then have a look at the options. The whole point of the experience is to see the amazing sights, the formations, the fish and other water creatures. Make sure you invest in a mask that lets you do this.

Looking after your mask and your kids prescription goggles

When you have invested in the right goggles or mask you should learn how to look after them so they can last you for years to come. Make sure you inspect not just the gear but the mask and goggles too before you go. The last thing you want is to find the rubber strap has rotted. A few basic maintenance tips will help keep everything in better shape. Glass lenses are better than plastic, they do not yellow or get scratched as easily, just make sure it is tempered glass. Store them in a proper case so they are not scratched and make sure they are not in the sun as that can warp the skirt that creates the seal on your face. Do not use anything that might scratch the glass to clean them. If you are unsure test a small corner of the lens to make sure you are not causing damage to your prescription dive mask Australia. After diving in salt water be sure to rinse goggles and masks in regular water.

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