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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 19/06/2021

Microlearning; An innovative e-learning courses

Microlearning; An innovative e-learning courses

Microlearning is one of the holistic approaches for skill development.

Changing scenario of e-learning platforms that are focused on skill-based e-education is evolving. The Digital era is refined with advanced electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and desktop or laptop. This has transformed generation Z into tech-savvy. Digital technologies are preferred in every sector whether it's education, business or contemporary lifestyle. Using different digital platforms is not only fun but comfortable. Microlearning combines all the purposes of e- platforms for providing a stable solution to all the problems. From e-training of the employee to advanced skill-based e-education are possible with Microlearning.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is defined as the holistic outlook of skill-based learning and education which focuses on short term e-learning and updates within 2-5 minutes. The key characteristic features of Microlearning in form of texts, images, videos, audio, tests, quizzes and games.

Whereas, microlearning is the most engaging e-learning designer in the last time consuming and is cost-effective e-learning development training. The staff of a firm obtains important updates instantly through microlearning. The staff watch videos online, check social media information and through various uses of the internet, the data is gathered. The employees and tech users are trained to focus on little information and instantly assimilate. Here, Microlearning helps them to reach the big factors in today's transforming skill by e-learning development programs.

However, there are multiple ranges of thousands of Microlearning platforms & courses available online.

How to effectively use microlearning e-courses?

Before using microlearning the goals must be evaluated to verify the kind of e-courses that are essential for the business. As, before opting for microlearning courses you must explore the need for learning technical skills development for accomplishing the goal of the company. Once the need is set according to the goal and purpose of Microlearning then the courses can be implemented. There are few ways to implement microlearning courses and these are as following:-

  1. Identify the organisation's need for Microlearning

This is is the most primary and important step in the process of implementing microlearning courses. So scan & explore the need for what kind of Microlearning courses according to the organisation's requirements. Use of the tools and analytics to know the current & future states to verify the needed skills for achieving the goal of the organization. This step is incomplete without involving the learners. After deciding the courses of Microlearning then consider the right vendor according to the kind of contents they provide. In this step, the cost of the course is also evaluated.

  1. Designing microlearning contents

Few basic principles are followed by e-learning designers. Simple contents without the use of jargon words, avoiding voluminous contents, avoiding long duration of courses, every course must be focused on the central ideas and the substantive data are avoided. The selection of the courses must be done based on engaging e-learning courses which include graphics and illustrations. Must follow clear & regular content development guides.

  1. Organize the microlearning content

Microlearning content is easily available but you must put related courses in the same group.

  1. Evaluation and improving e-learning training

Try to meet user's needs and improving the e-learning experiences. A system must be created to not avoid outdated data. The reviewing is crucial for improving to grow the business. For this, you need to upgrade your e-learning development needs. The learner's engagement and effectiveness through microlearning platforms by tracking the learning engagement.

Advantages of Microlearning

  1. Microlearning is cost-effective and affordable.
  2. It's instant to deliver and easy for learners engagement in the courses.
  3. It's flexible to cover any subjects of e-learning courses through microlearning.
  4. It increases knowledge retention.
  5. Microlearning has more engaging courses.

Steps to find Microlearning tools in Australia

There are enormous ranges of Microlearning tools found online. While finding the high quality of e-learning tools in Australia follow few steps:-

  1. Moodle LMS - LMS (learning management system) is the engaging and operative management system through which e-learning designers provide top-class training experiences.
  2. Synap - this is the most used microlearning tool in Australia. It is an exceptional online solution for e-learning.
  3. Talent LMS - The simplicity makes it a more preferable learning management system and it is very crucial which helps to create bite-size Microlearning courses.

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